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SIHI Hot Water & Hot Oil

Technical Data

  • Flow rate: up to 1,000 m³/h
  • Head: up to 95 m
  • Product Series Hot Oil: ZTN / ZTK / ZTI
  • Product Series Hot Water: ZHN / ZDN / ZEN / ZLI


In the temperature range up to approximately 200 °C, water is the preferred medium as it is non-polluting and has a high specific thermal capacity. In the temperature range from 200 °C to 400 °C, organic heat transfer liquids are preferable because the vapour pressure also rises considerably when the temperature increases. For handling these heat transfer media, volute casing pumps have been specially developed.

Application Hot Oil

The SIHI Hot Oil heat transfer pumps have been specially developed for handling of mineral and synthetic heat transfer oils. The pumps may be used in installations with positive or negative suction pressure. Especially to be emphasised is the application in plants of the chemical industry (heating of agitators, reactors, drying plants, polymerisation plants, plants for conveying high-viscous products and producing plastic materials and synthetic fibres), the rubber and plastic industry (heating of calendars, melting pots, power presses for plastics, automatic injection moulding machines, production of PVC adhesive tape), the food industry (heating of baking and fish-frying ovens, distillation of fatty acids and glycerine, fat softening plants, production of potato chips and milk powder) and the paper industry and laundries (calendar rolls, production of corrugated cardboard, heating of washing machines, mangles and dryers).

Application Hot Water

The SIHI Hot Water heat transfer pumps are primarily used for circulation of hot water in closed pipe and vessel systems. Therefore their fields of application are the energy production, the heat transport industry and here mainly in systems where hot water as heat carrier is given preference, despite its high system pressure, over oil as heat carrier.

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SIHI Pumps

sihi logo blue copyWe are proud to have been appointed the exclusive NZ distributor for SIHI Pumps.


We service liquid ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane and all types of industrial pumps in Christchurch and also the North Island.

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New SIHI Detect

SIHI Detect

The new SIHI detect Sensor is the ideal solution for vibration velocity measurement and pump condition monitoring, for example it detects bearing wear, unbalance, misalignment, inacceptable pipeline forces, cavitation and exceeding max flow rate.

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