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SIHI Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

For over 80 Years SIHI has been the leading manufacturer of innovative technologies for liquid ring vacuum pumps, liquid ring compressors, dry running vacuum pumps, blowers and gas ejectors.

SIHI Liquid ring vacuum pumps are robust of construction with features and benefits like near isothermal compression, oil-free (no internal lubrication), capable of handling almost all gases and vapours, able to handle quantities of liquid "carry over", low maintenance and safe operation, low noise and almost vibration free, available in a wide range of materials for a broad range of applications, O-ring sealing as standard, cavitation protection as standard, drain hole as standard, built-in solids drain and rotating metallic parts are non contacting to minimise wear.

  • Suction volume flow: up to 22,087 m³/h
  • Suction pressure: 33 up to 1013 mbar
  • Product Series Single Stage: LOH / LPH / LPHX - C - V - N / LEH
  • Product Series Two Stage: LOH / LPH / LPHX
  • Product Series Close Coupled: LEM / LEME - S - B / LEL / LELB

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SIHI Pumps

sihi logo blue copyWe are proud to have been appointed the exclusive NZ distributor for SIHI Pumps.


We service liquid ring vacuum pumps, rotary vane and all types of industrial pumps in Christchurch and also the North Island.

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New SIHI Detect

SIHI Detect

The new SIHI detect Sensor is the ideal solution for vibration velocity measurement and pump condition monitoring, for example it detects bearing wear, unbalance, misalignment, inacceptable pipeline forces, cavitation and exceeding max flow rate.

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